HABRINOL Děčín s.r.o.

We want to be the innovative company, providing top value to customers and becoming their preferred partner.

We are a major European manufacturer of arylsulfonic acids (p-toulenesulfonic acid, xylenesulfonic acid and its mixtures) - activators, hardeners and catalysts.

About us

The tradition of chemical production is represented in this millennium by a new entity - HABRINOL Děčín s.r.o.

The company found the base for its production in the industrial zone in Decin - Boletice, where it built production facilities in an empty hall. However, the roots of production date back to the 20th century in Germany, from where HABRINOL Halle brought it to Decin.

The company was founded in 1995. A year later, since 1996, we have been producing arylsulfonic acids using modern technological equipment. These include the production of p-toluenesulfonic acid, xylenesulfonic acid and mixed acids (mixtures based on arylsulfonic acids with the addition of organic and/or inorganic components according to customer requirements). The products are supplied in tank trucks and IBC containers.

We deliver our products to up to 15 countries. They are used, for example, in the foundry industry for hardening moulds in casting (engine blocks, wind turbine blades,…),in the furniture industry, in the manufacture of special batteries (forklifts, submarines) , biodiesel and other applications.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 50001


HABRINOL Děčín s.r.o. is a major producer of p-toluenesulfonic acids in Europe.

For foundry industry





For chemical industry




pH Regulators

  • p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA),CAS: 104-15-4
  • Xylenesulfonic acid (XSA),CAS: 25321-41-9
  • Mix of arylsulfonic acids with organic and inorganic components (blend acids)


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HABRINOL Děčín s.r.o.
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407 11 Děčín XXXII – Boletice nad Labem
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Ing. Rychtecký Ladislav

Ing. Rychtecký Ladislav

Managing Director, CEO

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Ernekerová Petra

Purchasing & Logistics Manager

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Ing. Vejrych Miroslav

Production Manager

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Ing. Frýdl Václav

Technologist / Deputy Production Manager

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Malátová Hana

Malátová Hana

Laboratory & Quality Manager

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Skalníková Lenka

Skalníková Lenka

Junior Sales and Purchasing Manager

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